About Angela

Angela_Treloar_001Angela McMahon is an intuitive healer, psychic and medium. Knowledge of her connection to spirit came at age 3 then more awareness of it through life experiences. Her aim is to empower others to trust their own inner guidance by helping people to acknowledge, follow and act on their intuition or inner voice.

As an energy healer and channel for universal beings her passion is energetically changing our belief systems.  Combined with the use of intuitive counselling this allows us to step out of fear and embrace our creative selves. Be the creator of our own world and feel confident to take responsibility for life choices.

Now as a writer, she shares her lessons and life experiences so that she can inform and teach others what life has taught her.

Angela spent her early career years in the field of accounting. She has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting, but found the call to ‘heal’ her passion.

Angela operates from her healing centre in Melbourne where she teaches metaphysical modalities and conducts private consultations. 

Angela has the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Business (Acc.), Ass. Dip. (Acc.), Diploma Holistic Counselling, Advanced Certificate in Counselling Children Holistically, Reiki Master, Advanced Cert. in Crystal Healing, Cert. IV Workplace Training & Assessment, Member International Inst. of Complimentary Therapies, Member Aust. & International Psychics Assoc., Full Sensory Perception Practitioner and teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive, Australian Bush Flower and White Light Essence Practitioner, Quantum Bio-energetic Practitioner & Axial facilitator.   Licensed Minister of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School (USA).